Sourpuss Safety Consulting Services

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*Develop/Implement/Review Safety Manuals/Programs 

– need a safety program or have one but need to revise it to make it more manageable or maybe you just need someone to visit you once a month to ensure you stay on track with your program. All safety programs start with a base safety manual that is tailor made to suit your company. A safety manual contract includes a paper copy and electronic copy of the safety manual, two months to make any changes to tailor it to your company without additional charges, a form filing system, orientation of your workers and assistance applying for your SECOR or COR.  

*Manage ISNetworld, Complyworks, Pics, CQN Advantage 

– help setting up or maintaining it.

*Conduct Site Inspections & Assist with Incident Investigations

– providing an outside set of eyes to inspect your worksite to make sure your workers and their areas comply with your safety program and OH&S legislation

- assist with incident investigations involving Prime Contractors and/or OHS

*Conduct Company Safety Meetings 

– provide safety meeting agendas and chair the safety meetings to ensure you are in compliance with safety program requirements and provide workers with safety information.

*Develop Modified Work Programs 

– help provide a way to keep your injured workers on the job while they are recovering thereby reducing your claims costs.  Assist with WCB Claims

*Additional safety services available*                  *Willing to travel in Alberta*